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Native Hibiscus Hibiscus richardii

Herb: lasts several seasons, green lobed foliage, large light yellow flower with magenta centre (7cm across) all summer.

Growing conditions: Dry tolerant, although some moisture improves foliage, full sun or semi-shade.

Use: Cottage gardens, colour, dry banks, borders, bedding plant.

Size: 0.5m high x 0.3m wide, pot size Pb2

Kaka beak Clianthus puniceus

Shrub: feathery, pinnate leaf, large red clusters of beak shaped flower in summer.

Growing conditions: Sun, clay soil and exposure tolerant, protect from slugs and birds while young.

Use: Back row of a border, dry areas, exposed banks, cottage gardens, gird tree.

Size: 2m high x 2m wide, pot size Pb3

Koru Colensoa physaloides

Small shrub: hydrangea like leaves, large blue flowers (summer) and deep blue fruit to 2cm (autumn).

Growing conditions: Cool moist shade, protect from slugs.

Use: South side of the house, underplanting, wet sheltered areas, mass planting for modern native garden or mixed for cottage gardens.

Size: 1m high x 1m wide, pot size Pb2

Kotukutuku Fuchsia excorticata

Small tree: red/purple flowers in spring and red/purple berries (konini) in autumn. Attractive cinnamon coloured bark.

Growing conditions: Full sun if it has shelter from the wind, and is moist, also tolerates shade.

Use: Bird tree, shade and specimen tree, great structural tree for either modern or cottage garden.

Size: 6m, pot size Pb3